Be sober and vigilant for your adversary goes around like lion seeking whom to devour.

1 Peter 5: 8

It’s been our month of harvesting what we have sown in the vineyard of God. Remember that you are permitted to only reap what you have sown, otherwise you become a thief.

But it’s not enough to sow, you must position yourself effectively to reap. It’s possible to sow and not to reap as a result of being spiritually inactive.

Lack of spiritual Discernment is the reason many people shout “Amen” in the church without knowing what they have received. It’s not about shouting Amen in the church and jumping up at the frequencies of Man of God’s declarations. You must know what you have received.

There are certain and specific words that are meant for you whenever the Man of God is making declarations. God puts your own word in his mouth, and you need to be vigilant in the spirit to know when they have dropped on you.

Being spiritually active and discerning would make you grab your own word on the strength of your faith. For it’s by faith that you measure what you have received, not by your human senses. Matt. 11:24.

From today, refuse to be careless and indifferent whenever you are in the house of God. Pay close attention to the word, because inside it lies your harvest. Don’t be careless about it, otherwise you might lose your rewards. But that would never be your portion.


  1. Go ahead and thank God for His help mercies, especially for seeing today.
  2. I reject and refuse every spirit of distraction and insensitive that you prevent me from receiving my harvest.
  3. In Jesus name, no devil shall cut off my harvest from me. I shall reap where I sow in Jesus’ name.
  4. Pray For Light City and the grace to receive all that the Lord has spoken concerning us.
  5. Thank Him for answering your prayers.

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