Then our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with singing….. –

Ps 126:2

Hallelujah!!! We have been launched into a season of laughter. We have prepared ourselves to receive our mighty harvest but even as we continue harvesting the fruits of our seeds, it is time for us to laugh due to the mighty harvest of miracles that the Lord is sending our way.

In Gen 21:6, Sarah proclaimed that the Lord made her laugh and that all who hear her testimony will laugh with her. In this season, we shall experience miracles, breakthroughs, sudden change of situations that will make all who hear laugh with us.

Job 8:21 says He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouting. In this season, the Lord is set to fill our mouths with laughter. What have you been expecting from God, what have been your source of worries, you shall laugh over them.

In this period where there is so much uncertainties, violence, hunger etc, the bible says that “we shall laugh at violence and famine, and we will not be afraid of wild beasts – Job 5:22.

Welcome to your season of laughter.


  1. Thank God for the gift of a new day.
  2. Thank God for launching you into a season of laughter
  3. Pray that in this season you shall have so many reasons to laugh with joy.
  4. Pray over Light City and the Set Man, Evang. Emmanuel Nkpume.
  5. Thank God for answered prayers.


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