The Lord answered, Judah, for I have given them victory over the Land. ( Judges 1:2)

There are many people Today who doubt whether God exists and whether He answers prayers. The truth is that He does. When the people of God arrived at Canaan, God’s promised Land, after the death of Joshua, there was a contention as to who would take the lead in attacking the Canaanites. They asked the Lord. He answered their prayers and gave them victory. He has not changed a bit, He is Still God. He knows all things and the way to go.

What is that confronting situation in your life now that you are wondering where and what to do. Just turn to the Lord with all your heart and ask Him in faith and simplicity. He’s your father and He loves you. He will not only tell you what to do but He will also help you.


1) Give thanks to God your father in Heaven, He is Almighty and He loves you.

2) Ask the Lord to give you a clear direction into His purpose for your life

3) Ask the Lord to give you a definite divine leading in your current situation.

4) Pray for someone you know that is in current challenging situation.

5) Pray that God will answer all our prayers, especially for maximum protection, during this time

6) Thank God for answered prayers.

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