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Be A Carrier of Good Tidings

There is nobody that is still alive and breathing who has no purpose or nothing that God has enabled him/her to be able to help with. We might not all be able to help in a particular way, but we can all help in our unique way according to divine enablement and individual strength.

Bearing the above in mind, God made it clear to us the various ways anybody who feels led can be of help.

Pray for The Missionaries

The power of prayer is the greatest force on earth and we have no doubt about the efficacy of earnest, fervent prayers sent up to the throne of grace from a heart of faith.

You can support the mission work by praying and it is no little work or sacrifice. In this regard, we ask for committed and dedicated prayers for all that goes out into the field for the harvest of souls into the Kingdom of our Father.

Although it is not a must, we recommend that you set out a particular amount of time on a particular day (and even a particular place if you have the means) to pray specifically for Light City Evangelical Center Int’l and all her missionary engagements.

Become a Missionary

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

Rom 10:14

The greatest force for evangelism is humans for even the angel has to recommend Apostle Peter to Cornelius for salvation to be preached and achieved in the home of Cornelius.

Like in a war, the missionaries are the boots on the battlefield and on the frontline. Who by the ministry of the Spirit and the instrument of the Word snatch people away from the grip of hell and darkness.

What a great privilege that God has called us, mere men to come and partner with Him in saving mankind! No wonder the rewards for them that heed this call are so great and they are exceedingly cherished by the Father.

Humbly consider being part of the missionaries who have dedicated their lives to reaching the unreached.

Financially Support The Missionary Work

The movement of Missionaries from one place to another can be helped or hindered by the availability of money or the lack of it. The transportation, the feeding, the medical, and other humanitarian service rendered at the mission field won’t go well without sufficient funds to run them.

Having the above in mind, it is clear that being a financial partner of our missionary work is a very crucial and important support that you can give and we humbly request that you consider it generously.

Account Details:

Bank: First Bank
Acc. No: 3096950187
Acc. Title: Onawork Evangelical Team

Finally, let be clear by reminding you that you cannot lose your rewards when you support the spreading of the gospel in any of the listed ways above and we cannot outdo God in giving.